LaunchBar Commander


All of the contents of your PC, just a click away


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The appearance of our desktops continues to change along with our needs as users. Nowadays, the use of icons is declining and there are continuously new, more accessible alternatives. One of these is the this bar. LaunchBar Commander is a completely free a desktop application that installs a bar, similar to the Windows taskbar, that you can use to access different parts of your PC.

Initially, you'll see a bar with a menu to access disk drives and some system configuration tools, as well as access menus to 'My Documents' and another to fill in. However, the potential of this tool lies in it's ability to be personalized. You can add or get rid of menus, direct accesses, commands, and even create new bars that are completely customizable.

All of these features make LaunchBar Commander a desktop application that is both powerful and useful, and trying it out is worthwhile.

Requres Android 4.0.3 or higher

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